Conquering the travel heeby geebies

August 26, 2011

Hello blogging world. Thanks for being here.

I must admit I have a bit of travel anxiety building up. I used to think that the anxiety was caused by other people. For example, my husband would insist on the week leading up to my departure that I do extraneous jobs like sort out the children’s wardrobes and be on duty for kids sport and night club pickups all week. I had thought he was intentionally sabotaging my peace of mind. I’d get on the plane wound up after a week of total chaos and tension in the house.

This time he did ask me to sort out the wardrobes but I realised all I had to do was quietly explain that I was busy getting my conference presentations ready and that he please refrain from asking me to do non-urgent jobs for a week at least. He backed off. I’ve had space and time to focus on my work. But with a day and a half to fly out the anxiousness is here – with no one to blame!!

I’ve recognised the issue. When I have trouble concentrating I’ve given myself license to goof off for a little while.

It’s the kind of anxiety that children have leading up to their birthday parties.

I feel like I’ve already left in my head but I’m still here.

It’s an unreality.

I’m blogging to maintain a tenuous link between here and there. I’m here. My head is there.

I’m heading to Exeter and then Lyon. Its low twenties (Celcius) in Exeter and thirty-five in Lyon! I’ve set myself the challenge of bringing carry-on luggage only. The reasoning was to avoid the ten pound surcharge with Flybe.

But what’s ten pound? … my excuse for taking on the challenge. (Its something I’ve been able to focus on.)

I’m the kind of consumer who buys random items without considering how well they fit with already acquired stuff. In our first home I made the curtains and chose a floral fabric for its solitary appeal. The fabric didn’t match any of the hand-me-down furniture we had acquired from grandparents and sundry. When we sold the place we moved out and a professional decorator did it up for sale. My girlfriend who’d been in the house almost everyday for ten years said,

“Oh new curtains, they look great”.

They’d been there for the ten years. She just handn’t noticed them because they clashed.

It has therefore been quite a challenge to match tops with pants and shorts in an economical fashion. I’m hoping the silk dress I bought on sale at Sportcraft at the DFO centre will do for both climates. Oh! I don’t have any shoes to match it…



2 Responses to “Conquering the travel heeby geebies”

  1. Kit said

    It’ll all be fine once you’re on the plane. I think we all have the same thing of second-guessing ourselves all the way to the airport – you only relax once you’re on board and there’s nothing more you can do. Enjoy your trip. Exeter was my university, way back when – hope you get time for a drive out on to Dartmoor and a cream tea!

  2. ejenne said

    Hey Kit. I think you’re right about being able to relax on the plane. The conference is at The University of Exeter! Thanks for the travel tip. Dartmoor and cream tea is now on the agenda 🙂

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