A little bit of New Orleans

April 24, 2011

I’ve returned to Melbourne from New Orleans with a little bit of New Orleans. The little bit of New Orleans that I have taken with me is intangible but represented by one Magnetic Ear CD.

I purchased the CD after spending my lunch hour in front of one of the outdoor stages set up for the French Quarter Festival. The Mississippi River was the backdrop. I sat in the sun and ate falafel from one of the many outlets set up under tents by local restaurants. Magnetic Ear were playing. I hadn’t heard of them before. They are a band of two saxophones, two trombones, a tuba and drums. Their sound was intoxicating. Their talent was astounding. And they could move. I’ve never seen trombone players move like these lithe musicians. I watched the crowd. People were dancing and moving. It was hard not to. The dancers ranged from baby boomers in long shorts and socks with travel belts strapped around their waists to pierced and tattooed twenty-somethings in summer dresses. It was a diverse, relaxed and gracious crowd. Everyone was accepted and music was the unifier.

I’ve been listening to their CD almost by addiction. The music brings back the sun and the feeling of adventure in another country as an independent soul. Their sounds colour my dreams as I fall asleep. I can’t get enough. I should have bought the 3 CD pack for $25 instead of going for the one for $10!


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