Both Sides Now

March 8, 2010

I’m going through a Joni Mitchell phase. I bought one of her albums on CD and it has been my doing-everything-by music since the start of the year. I hadn’t realised ‘Yellow Taxi’ had an excellent percussion backing until I listened to it through my ipod earphones one evening whilst running. I came home from my run, played the song through speakers and picked up my djembe trying to emulate the background beat.

I cried when I listened to ‘Both Sides Now’ the first few times and printed off the words from the internet to learn them. I also left them around the kitchen bench hoping to inspire my daughters to sing to it. (They have lovely voices).

I blue-toothed ‘Both Sides Now’ to my mobile phone and made it my ringtone. The only problem with this is that I enjoy listening to the song so much that I have missed a few calls, subconsciously choosing to hear the song over pressing the answer key.

I’ve been cooking to Joni at dinner time, cycling and running and driving with Joni. I have now gained an appreciation for the songs I didn’t know before, like ‘Woodstock’, and ‘Carey’. The kids are getting used to Joni as background music. Can I borrow your Joni CD mum? Asked Kat, my 17 year old. Sure! Do you like her music? Yeah, it’s really relaxing and she has great lyrics.

I was pleased that Kat was enjoying Joni’s music too. And Kat was right, her lyrics are great. Not only that, Joni sings them with compelling emotion. She is a genius!


2 Responses to “Both Sides Now”

  1. kate said

    There’s something so timeless about Joni Mitchell’s music. I’ve listened to it since the 1970s. Her album art was always amazing too. She comes from Saskatchewan too!

  2. ejenne said

    I hadn’t really listened to her work in the 70s apart from what played on the radio. I’m really happy to have rediscovered her now. Her songs date from that era in a nostalgic way, but somehow they have captured something more about the human condition that doesn’t date. I would love to see the album art. I hear she withdrew into her art to escape the “star-maker machinery”.

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