A delightful froggy surprise

March 6, 2010

Last night I drove down to our holiday house for the Labor Day Long Weekend. We arrived in a rain storm that was relief from the warm humidity of the preceding day. The streets around our place had been flooded slightly with the downpour although the rain had eased as we approached our seaside neighbourhood. In the headlights of the car I saw little frogs leaping in tens across the road – tiny little frogs no more than 2-3cm in length. They were recognisable as little frogs because of the way they leapt. It was too late for me to slow down. I just prayed I hadn’t run any over.  I alerted Emma and Sally to the strange phenomenon. They were sitting in the car listening to music from their ipods. They pulled off their headphones and stared out of the window hoping to see what I had seen. They had missed the frog-crossing enmasse, but as we rounded another corner a solitary frog hopped into the beam of my headlights. Emma saw it and I slowed. Sally didn’t see it straight away but I slowed to stopping so we could point it out. She wanted to get out of the car for a closer look and I encouraged her to do so. She laughed as she tried to catch it and it hopped randomly to avoid her. Eventually she succeeded. She held it for a short time before releasing it to continue its journey. We spotted another solitary frog just before we crossed into our drive way. It seems that the rain had brought them all out. More frogs than I had ever seen were all out looking for a mate or a place to lay their eggs now that conditions were right. Today I drove back to where I’d seen them. I couldn’t see any signs of flattened frogs on the road and I breathed a sigh of relief.


4 Responses to “A delightful froggy surprise”

  1. kate said

    Pretty soon there will be baby frogs. In some places, there is a push to have frog crossings built to save frogs from road death.

    There will be lots of baby polliwogs soon. Your girls might have fun catching them.

    Funny how your Labour Day long weekend is in March, while the Canadian one is in September (we see it traditionally as the end of summer.) School usually starts right after.

  2. ejenne said

    Hi Kate, well I guess it is the end of summer for us! but I hadn’t made that connection to Labor Day before. In Melbourne we have a celebration called Moomba. I used to go to the Moomba parade and carnival when I was a kid. The city nowdays is alive with action, because Moomba coincides with the formula 1 grand prix. My kids have not experienced Moomba because we tend to escape to the beach and pretend our summer holiday is continuing.

    Frog crossings sound like an excellent idea. I don’t like the little frogs’ odds when they’re up against car tyres. & I would have gladly taken a detour.

  3. mirabella said

    What an extraordinary vision! With this crazy weather, our local river is flowing high this morning and it normally takes two days for the full effect of heavy rain to make it rise, so it may flood. Even yesterday there was new grass peeping up in the park – quite tropical.

    • ejenne said

      It was extraordinary. It made me wish I had the expertise to study the habits of these little frogs and done biological sciences instead of chem when I was at uni. I have always loved frogs 🙂

      And the weather is indeed wild. I hope your home and car have avoided hail damage mirabella x

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