Gingerbread Respite

December 12, 2009

Our kitchen has become a ginger bread factory.

Cooking alleviates the anxiety my daughter Kat experiences with her disease, anorexia. She has been out of hospital for six weeks now and her physical condition is stable. Finding cooking has been one of the reasons for our success. She is perpetually focussed on food but whilst cooking she is productive and active in a family space. Her sisters pull up a seat at the kitchen bench naturally and easily and she feels reconnected with her family.

Independently she has developed expertise in short crust pastry and quiche making, cheese cakes, pavlova and ginger bread men. The ginger bread men have been so popular that she made a batch and lovingly decorated them every day this week. I’ve made them many times, often with the kids when they were little, but I had never thought to decorate them with melted chocolate before. She used white and milk chocolate and added detail with icing tubes. The result was a joy to behold and magnificent to eat.

We served them to my book club girlfriends on Monday night.  We convened at my place for our last meeting of the year to watch on DVD one of the books we’d read during the year, Revolutionary Road. The women noticed the variety of expressions on the gingerbread faces and were delighted. But the real joy was the taste of the ginger biscuit with an unexpected hint of chocolate. I hope Kat can experience it soon.


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