A zebra pays a visit

August 19, 2009

My eldest is in hospital. We are lucky that the hospital is quite close to where we live. Its easy to pop in for short visits.

“Who’s coming with me to visit Kat?” I asked one evening recently.

“Me!” said Rosie. “I will”, said Emma and “Okay, wait for me”, said Sally,

Emma, Rosie and I assembled in the kitchen.”I’m freeeezing. I need to change first”, said Sally as she ran up the stairs to her bedroom. She’d been in a pair of shorts and a T-shirt during dinner. The night had indeed turned cold. Before long Sally reappeared with the warmest thing she could find worn over her shorts and T-shirt. She tied on her red cherry converse runners and off we went to the hospital. Here are some photos of our visit:


Waiting at the hospital lift.


Sally sitting on the bed with Kat.

Sally was warm and comfortable in the zebra suit. And she made us all smile.

There is nothing like the world of a nine year-old as counter-point to teenager angst.


5 Responses to “A zebra pays a visit”

  1. Kit said

    Great zebra suit!
    Hope it cheered your daughter up and that she doesn’t have to stay in too long.

  2. zhisou said

    That’s very sweet, I’d love someone to visit me in hospital dressed as an animal.

  3. ejenne said

    Hi Kit, it did cheer her up. She stayed for three weeks and she now has the energy to attend school for full days. The support for children with this illness in this day and age is wonderful.

  4. ejenne said

    I agree zhisou. I hope if you ever are in hospital that you get your wish 🙂

  5. […] alleviates the anxiety my daughter Kat experiences with her disease, anorexia. She has been out of hospital for six weeks now and her physical condition is stable. Finding cooking has been one of the reasons […]

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