Hampsterdam, here I come!

August 15, 2009

Next week I’m off to Amsterdam for a conference. “Can we come to Hampsterdam with you?” my children asked. I’m not sure what they expected to find there, but Hampsterdam afforded them a lot of appeal.

Usually when I travel interstate or overseas for conferences, I choose to stay in a room by myself. I’ve said “No thanks” to many offers to share because I enjoy the space. It’s a contrast to my busy home life. But when my favorite Melbourne colleague, Chiara, asked me if I’d like to share, I deviated from my habit and accepted her offer. Her easy company and fun attitude to life will add to the travel experience I’m sure.

On her insistence, we booked our accommodation months ago. The hotel we chose overlooks a canal and has historical charm. It appealed to us by contrast to Australia, where we lack a sense of having been here for thousands of years.

I have official engagements such as presenting at the conference and attending breakfasts and dinners with colleagues but I also intend to balance these commitments with absorbing the rhythms of this famous city.

Chiara and I have put up a calendar at work and we’re crossing off the dates, counting down.


6 Responses to “Hampsterdam, here I come!”

  1. Have a fabulous time! I haven’t been to Hampsterdam for a while, but it is a great city.

  2. mirabella said

    I fancy the idea of “Hampsterdam” too! It sounds very gentle and furry, but they’d have to be careful not to fall into the canals. The toddler son of a friend of mine once tried to teach his pet hamster to swim – you can guess the result…. They subsequently bought a dog.

    Anyway, I hope that you have a successful and relaxing time.

  3. trousers said

    I’ve never been, which is something I need to put right sooner or later. Have a fab time, and I hope you blog some of it.

  4. ejenne said

    Thanks Charlotte. I’m thinking a canal tour and maybe a tour of the red light district…?

  5. ejenne said

    Dear Mirabella, I think you’ve captured the appeal of the word: “gentle and furry”. 🙂

  6. ejenne said

    Hi trousers. Thank you and I hope I find some blog-worthy moments. I’m taking my camera and the uploading cable just for that purpose x

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