Ang Lee to the rescue!

August 6, 2009

I’m having a bit of an Ang Lee marathon. It started when I hired ‘Lust Caution’ and loved it. The tragic story and scenes from the movie haunted me for days afterwards. Its R rated because of the sex scenes, but these are not gratuitous. Without them the movie wouldn’t have been as powerful and the twist in the story wouldn’t have made sense.

Following this I remembered the first Ang Lee film I’d ever seen and had the desire to see it again (more than fifteen years later). I remembered it as a comedy of errors. I hunted it down online and had it shipped to home. I loved it, but its now outdated in a funny way and that made it enjoyable for different reasons. I’ve now lent that DVD to a friend who’s teenaged son is suffering through confusion about his sexuality…

This week I’ve been a couple of times to the video shop for Kat. She is going through a phase of watching horror movies. She’s trying to find one that actually scares her. This is something I do not understand. I find no enjoyment in the horror genre and avoid them outright. However, on our last visit I found  ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’ in the World Movies section for weekly hire and picked  it up for myself.

I’ve been home nursing Kat this week and this includes sleeping outside her room on an camp mattress to deter her from raiding the kitchen during the night. After three nights of this I’m completely worn out. Needing a lift and a spot of relaxation, I have decided to watch ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’ tonight. I am excited because I’ve heard its his best, and if its half as good as ‘Lust Caution’ it would still be amazing.


2 Responses to “Ang Lee to the rescue!”

  1. mirabella said

    Have you seen Ang Lee’s “The Ice Storm”? I saw it ages ago but I still remember bits of it so clearly, especially ice hanging from the trees like crystals. An American friend of mine travelled back to the US last year, and while there she actually experienced an ice storm; so her description brought the film back to me. (I must get hold of it again!)

    I hope Kat is OK. Please say “Hello” from my cats.

  2. ejenne said

    Hi mirabella. Yes, I have seen The Ice Storm, once, ages ago. It was very powerful, although unreal to me back then. I may have a different reaction to it now that I’m going through the teenager stage and everything. That’s another one to include in my marathon. Thanks 🙂

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