May 29, 2009

Its starting to get chilly in Melbourne. We’ve had a series of foggy mornings. The sun burns through by midday but the temperatures are getting lower. It was only 14 degrees Celcius yesterday.

I’ve rediscovered knitting. I’m wearing my new hand-knitted jumper as I write. Its toasy-warm and I feel super cuddly. I’ve pulled on my fleecy-lined boots purchased last year in New York City. I’m ready for winter. Bring it on!

The first time I put my new jumper on and looked in the mirror it hit me just how much like my mother I look. It was particularly noticeable in the hand-knit because my mum used to wear them all the time. Her usual attire were jeans, jumper and these cute little hand-made leather boots. I remember her practical dress sense which suited her purposeful movements and artistic endeavours. My hair at the moment is at her usual length and I’ve been colouring mine to my natural dark brown, which was her natural colour too. She didn’t have my dad’s genes to worry about. She’d only had a couple of grey strands at my age and not the little crop left of centre that I’d have if I didn’t cover it up.

I’m quite ok about looking like her. I really loved her you know. When I was little people used to call me “little Dawn” and this made me feel proud.

But I’m forty-five and a half. This is the age that she was diagnosed with bowel cancer. If I was following in her footsteps I’d only have eighteen months left. Thats a chilling thought! Well luckily I’ve promised my children I’ll live until one hundred. (And I’ve been having those horrendous check ups where you get to drink the vile liquid so a doctor can put a camera up your colon).


7 Responses to “brrr”

  1. mennogirl said

    I know what you mean about following in one’s mothers’ footsteps. For me the odd thing, is that if I am my mother, I would start dating my future husband this august. A rather interesting thought indeed.
    Also I always enjoy reading about the seasons changing for you, because of course it is the opposite for me right now, temperatures are rising and we are headed into summer 🙂

  2. trousers said

    I’ve had those glance-in-the-mirror moments, and also seeing myself on some photographs, which make me realise just how much I resemble my late father.

    So I had to smile, after the recognition of having such moments in common, since I was apparently “Little Frank” – I’ve been told this, though I don’t remember.

    I hope that you don’t follow in your mother’s footsteps health-wise, just as I vowed that I wouldn’t follow in my father’s in that particular respect.

  3. ejenne said

    Hi mennogirl. I like the way your mind works. If you start dating in August it will have added significance lol.

    Our parents lives can also give us knowledge vicariously through hindsight. I remember the strain my parents went through in their relationship as we (us three kids) became teenagers and I’m beginning to live that stage now. Its helpful to know that its just a stage, but funnily enough it doesn’t make dealing with the variety of ways the girls choose to go through this stage (people always put their individual spins on these things) any easier, and things are different now. In my day (lol) the parents would have slapped on the restrictions. I’m finding myself negotiating a lot more than mine did, and I’m sure I’m not doing it any easier.

  4. ejenne said

    Hey trousers! A parallel experience!! (And I bet we’re not the only ones).

    Recently one of the women in my book club expressed strong views against parents having cosmetic surgery due to the family resemblance factor. She herself has five kids. She said, how would the kids feel if a parent had a nose job and they’re all growing up with the family nose?

  5. zhisou said

    You look fantastic ejenne, don’t worry. I myself am starting to look fantastic too, the years are being kind to me and my salt’n’pepper hair thing at the temples is drawing many an admiring glance. Age is cool, I have decided.

  6. ejenne said

    Hi zhisou, you are sweet :). Salt and pepper is debonaire. “Age is cool”, hmm still coming to terms with this. But life is a cool. I escaped mid week yesterday for a bike ride with two other women and it felt like freedom and youth to be zooming through parklands and bush. Its easy to forget the age thing x

  7. zhisou said

    Yes, it’s easy to forget the age thing, but being young ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. There are a lot of positives about getting older. I’m enjoying my age, and I hope I enjoy my next age and keep enjoying each age for what it is.

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