Five things about motherhood…

May 1, 2009

Hi there. Kit has tagged me in a meme set to traverse the blogosphere mum by mum. Five things I enjoy about motherhood are:

1. the grounding it gives me. There is nothing more important than this.

2. the privilege of watching young children develop and make sense of their world. Being their mum privileges me to their inner -most thoughts. They share them as though talking to themselves. Its delightful.

3. the company. I had a girls-night-in with daughter 2 the other weekend. We made soup together, got cozy and watched a chick-flick in pyjamas. I didn’t have to go anywhere or organize anything to have a fun evening.

4. the pride: being in awe of their talents as they mature. 

5. the laughter. Children keep humour alive and well.

And now I tag earthpal, misslionheartKate, Lilalia and DJ Kirkby. (DJ, I used to blog as Bindi at epossums xx).

Stories on motherhood I’ve written in the past include:

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One Response to “Five things about motherhood…”

  1. Kit said

    I totally agree about children being grounding. Until I had kids I think I was probably floating a few inches away from the ground – but now anytime my feet drift loose, a call from the children is sure to tug me back down again.

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