Gastronomic Anticipation

March 27, 2009

My annual conference trip to the US approaches. This time I go with a sense of slightly more pressure than other times for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I’m presenting. Its quite an achievement (I’ve been told) to get on the program. And secondly, I’ll be missing easter with my family for the third time and feel the pull to stay at home.

This year its in San Diego. I’ll be there for six days. Already I have dinner dates at the following restaurants:

el Agave, apparently the best Mexican restaurant in the Old Town. I have also been told it has an amazing variety of tequila. I’ve already posted about my tequila learning experience. Prior to this I thought tequila was a clear liquid, end of story! Now I know the Mexicans know tequila like a Melbournian knows wine. 

de’ Medici, an Italian restaurant. I haven’t heard anything about this one yet, but the name Medici is infamous. This I discovered on my relatively recent European holiday during a guided tour of the Uffizi Gallery.

A reception aboard the Berkeley Ferry Boat at the Maritime Museum of San Diego. I’m not sure what to expect of the meal here but I do anticipate live music and dancing. The consortium of universities that hold this reception annually have musical staff members who provide the entertainment for the evening. Two years ago I attended the reception in Chicago, danced the night away and was inspired to write about meeting a self-taught pole dancer.

Rama on Saturday night.  Candelas on Sunday night. Both of which I know nothing about (yet).

And two breakfast dates. These are at Cafe Choe and Bondi Australian Beer and Food. I’m looking forward to experiencing how the people of San Diego do “Australian”.


8 Responses to “Gastronomic Anticipation”

  1. Kit said

    Hope your daughter gets better quickly, so that you can go without worrying about her.

  2. mennogirl said

    I too hope your daughter feels better and I must say your list of culinary adventures sounds amazing. I hope you give us a full report on how they did when you get back.
    Also it seems a bit crazy that our unsuccessful attempt at a meet up was two years ago, crazy how time flies.

  3. zhisou said

    Hope it goes well, hope your daughter’s feeling better.

  4. Brenda Holt said

    Hey, Jen, I am going to SD too. Let’s catch up before.

  5. ejenne said

    Hi Kit. She’s on the road to recovery!

  6. ejenne said

    Hi mennogirl! Thank you, and I will most definitely be reporting on my adventures (as usual) 🙂

  7. ejenne said

    Hi Mr Z! Thanks. In Australia we are isolated in many ways and even though I’ve presented here, the audience in the States is much more international than I am used to. Its slightly nerve wracking.

  8. ejenne said

    Hi Brenda! This is indeed good news. Are you attending the conference? If so as well as catching up before hand, shall we compare our programs and plan to meet up over there? On the days we’re close in location we could meet in the hotel foyer and go to lunch nearby.

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