In the shadow of freakin’ awesome

January 15, 2009

I had just finished unloading the dishwasher. The cutlery basket was still in my hand. There were dirty dishes all over the bench and kitchen table – easily another load. I have three teenagers here  (my two and their friend). Sometimes I feel as though the chores are never-ending. I decided to enlist a little help: 

“Rosie could you stack the dishwasher for me please?”.

“No mum, I hate touching dirty dishes”, Rosie groaned. 

When was that ever an excuse not to do the dishes?, I thought to myself. In my day it was hands in with the dirty dishes scrubbing! I pressed my point with Rosie, but she stayed firm.

“I’ll unpack it but I don’t want to load it”, she moaned. 

“It’s not difficult. Here’s the cutlery basket. Put the cutlery in first. I’ll leave it out for you”.  I was hopeful that if I walked out of the room she would be left with no one to moan and groan at and a job staring at her to be done.

But she persisted before I could make a get-away. “No, I don’t want to”. Her sister was on the verandah within ear shot. “Get Kat to do it”, she grumbled.

“But I asked you”. I took the hook and Rosie pressed her point.

“I hate that job”, she whined. 

Suddenly her sister rose from the swinging chair on the verandah looking mighty scary. (Kat has taken to wearing quite thick eye liner and supporting a don’t-mess-with-me expression). She strode into the kitchen with an audible humph. 

“Whenever I hear people arguing over doing something, I think ‘oh my god why are you people so stupid?’ And I realise that I’ll have to do the job myself just to shut them up!”.  She spoke with adult self righteousness whilst collecting the dishes and loading them in.

“Thanks Kat!”, I said with emphasis after a moment of stunned silence. (Its not like she has ever taken this sort of responsibility before). 

“Yeah, well, its just because I’m freakin’ awesome”, she replied with half a grin on her face.

“Hey, but I unstacked it! Does that make me freakin’ awesome too?” I felt determined to be recognized for my awesomeness as well. After all, the dishwasher has been running at least twice a day over these holidays and it doesn’t happen by magic.

But her reply was firm. “No, you’d only be freakin’ awesome if you reloaded it again”.


10 Responses to “In the shadow of freakin’ awesome”

  1. Kit said

    We have just acquired a dishwasher and it has revolutionised my life – even though I was the one who didn’t want one before (too many machines, too much energy waste blah blah) The kids now have the job of unloading it and I load. I think they feel the same about the dirty dishes as your girl does!

  2. ejenne said

    Hi Kit. Its great to hear your perspective. You are a champion for surviving this long without one (freakin’ awesome in fact!). lol

    I have a friend who feels happy and content when all of her machines are running. With 3 boys and a girl, she has the need to run them often. I’ve caught her on the tail end of her ritual and watched her whizz around like a whirl wind from kitchen to laundry. She’ll join me for cuppa once she’s clicked all the buttons. Me, I am quite able to leave the sink full of dishes and leave the laundry for another day to make time for a cuppa.

  3. mirabella said

    You could buy Rosie some disposable gloves. Then she could be asked to do all kinds of distasteful tasks. Seriously (and it can be) dishes must be the main source of arguments between teenage daughters. However, I remember one verbal exchange between my girls when teenagers on another topic that was not designed to improve sororial relations:
    Elder Daughter to Younger: You never go to discos -you are strange!
    Younger Daughter: I don’t need to: I already have a boyfriend!

    And on Christmas Day, I said something that caused my elder girl to comment: “You are seriously weird, Mum.” (So once judging family members sets in, it stays, I fear.)

  4. JC said

    So funny – I can just picture it!
    My 3 take turns to unload it, but are yet to load it – although they are supposed to put their own plates in it after eating.
    But I still seem to end up with a bench and sink cluttered with dishes so this system isn’t really working.

  5. ejenne said

    Hi Miabella. So that’s what discos are for! And talking about judging family members, how can this be avoided? No one told me that the bundles of cuteness I held in hospital would become my relentless critics!! But do tell. What is your weirdness?

  6. ejenne said

    Hi JC. I notice yours don’t stack either! I admit, the times they do, I end up restacking to fit more in – plates crooked in the rack, etc. Kat has a half-baked idea of hanging out clothes too. I find things slung over the line without pegs just as the washing machine delivered them, wrinkled and twisted. lol. (Must remember to show her how to do it unless I want to take up ironing as a career).

  7. zhisou said

    I love my dishwasher, it is the most awesomest thing I have ever bought.

  8. trousers said

    Dishwasher? DISHES?
    Me, I eat off the floor 😉

  9. ejenne said

    Hi zhisou! Hmm, my most awesomest appliance is my oven. I also have strong feelings towards it.

  10. ejenne said

    Dearest trousers, you are very cat-like! Perhaps its a result of all your conversations with felines?

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