Teenage consumerism

November 4, 2008

I went supermarket shopping with my almost-sixteen year-old this afternoon. Recently she has been exercising her choice as a consumer and deviating from usual family consumption patterns. She has become interested in accompanying me on shopping sprees with the aim of securing her products of choice. These are cartons of soy milk (instead of full cream milk like the rest of her sisters), chai syrup (to make chai latte at home), health foody-type fruit breads (so determined is she to have this in the house for her breakfast that she bought a loaf out of her own money over the weekend and put it up high where her sisters could not reach it), organic cornflakes, organic pure fruit straps and guava nectar.

Shopping with her is a far cry from the description of shopping with little kids that I wrote almost two years ago!


One Response to “Teenage consumerism”

  1. […] is battling an eating disorder. It crept up on us slowly. The early signs (in hindsight) are her interest in buying low calorie and organic foods, beginning to want to eat differently to the family and over-exercising. The next thing I noticed […]

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