Spring Magic

October 31, 2008

Spring in Melbourne is a wonderful time. Melbournians at this time though, will always begin a conversation with a comment about the weather. Our weather is variable at the best of times, but Spring is something else! Why only on Wednesday, we were blessed with perfect mid-twenties, no wind, absolutely glorious weather that put everyone in a good mood. Carmel (my favorite person at work) and I made the most of it by walking up to a French deli  (a recently discovered secret of ours) and pretending we were in Paris. I changed out of my bike riding gear and into suitable French deli attire and although I developed blisters from the pointy white shoes I chose my enjoyment could not be dampened. We feasted on duck pie (me) and goats cheese tart (Carmel), followed by tiny, delicate custard tarts and coffee. Back in my riding gear and riding home afterwards, the spell was still in the air. Motorists were singing out of their car windows and chatting to me at traffic lights. 

Then on Thursday we had black skies and thunderstorms, followed by sunshine and humidity!!

You can understand why the weather is a concern if you remember that next week is the Spring Racing Carnival and ladies from far and wide (including yours truly) have already organised their racing attire. It is not uncommon to see women in strappy, flowing dresses being lashed by freezing winds or to see the same women on another year burning to a crisp under the Australian sun. If its windy this year, I’m done for! My hatinator will be like a toy aerofoil! I’ll be blown across the starting gate and over the chimney tops. (Pics below, what do you think?).

Hatinator by Kim Fletcher, milliner. 


14 Responses to “Spring Magic”

  1. JC said

    That looks stunning!
    Though I will have fingers and toes crossed for you that there is no wind or you will have very tired arms from holding on to it – and then how will you hang on to your drinks and nibblies! And camera LOL!

  2. Okay, that IS a hatinator! Stunning! That kind of hat needs a big personality to carry it off, which you clearly have. Love the dress too. Can we have a hat to toe photo so I can see all of it?

  3. Catie said

    I have to agree: Stunning!

  4. trousers said

    Stunning has, I see, already been used more than once.

    Will fabulous do? Looks great!

    I am trying also to temper my jealousy, the fact that you’re just entering the spring months, and we’re very autumnal with the prospect (of course) of winter ahead.

  5. ejenne said

    Hi JC. Good point!

    note to self: ask Kat to show me how to use my new camera before Thursday. Practise taking photos one-handedly.

  6. ejenne said

    Hi Charlotte. Thank you. I was swept away by the atmosphere at the fashion show. Historically I’m understated in my dress sense.

    I have some new black heels in a 1920s style to go with the outfit. I’ll post photos taken on the day. This way you will see the hat in context.

    And btw if anyone has any racing tips for me I’d love to hear them. I am determined to do better than eeny meeny miny mo this year.

  7. ejenne said

    Thank you Catie.

    Its the most elaborately decorated satellite dish anyone’s ever ever seen!

  8. ejenne said

    Mr Z. Originally I was intending to catch the train to the races with eight girlfriends. The dilemma was how to fit the damn thing onto the train without decapitating anyone. I mention this because I have recently read your post on public transport seating protocol. In Melbourne, during the race carnival this goes out the window. For example, at the end of the races last year we (4 women dressed to the nines) met a young guy with dreadlocks and multiple piercings on the crowded train. 2 of my friends who happened to be crammed in standing close to where he was sitting spent the journey with one of his ipod speakers in each of their ears. I hope you can imagine the intimate scene.

  9. ejenne said

    Hi trousers, yes I seem to have stunned everyone lol.

    Thank you. Its an impressive piece of millinery isn’t it?

    The end of winter is uplifting. We have just had the garden finished at our new place and all the baby trees, who were planted as sticks have begun to shoot green leaves like magic. And at the racing carnival all the roses will be out.

    Don’t worry it will be your turn again soon enough.

  10. zhisou said

    Ejenne, if you looked like that, I´d sit next to you and hang the consequences. You would be welcome to half my iPod.

  11. mirabella said

    That is the most brilliant hat ever! Are you planning to enter the Fashions on the Field competition? You really should.

    Because of the long drought, my animals look surprised when a drop of rain falls, but I am loving this wet Monday morning.

  12. ejenne said

    Hi zhizou, what are we listening to?

  13. ejenne said

    Hi mirabella, I’m thrilled that you approve of the hat. I am not planning to enter fashion on the field. (One step at a time – I have never gone to the cup expecting to be noticed, let alone purposefully entering the fashion parade lol).

    And my children are likewise in awe of the big rain drops and their affects. For example, on Friday trick or treating with Sally and one of her little friends, I was delighted to be able to observe these children (dressed as they were as a zebra and a pirate) deterred from their objectives when they noticed dozens of snails on the paths leading into various neighborhood homes. The scene of children playing with snails was common in my childhood but rare in these droughty times.

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