The regime begins

September 24, 2008

I’m currently down at our beach house. Its school holiday time. I brought my bike with me. Its around this time every year that I start training for ‘Around the Bay In a Day’. This is a non-competitive endurance cycling event. 

This afternoon I went for my first training ride. I put on my new ‘Around the Bay’ bike gear. Its the first time I’ve purchased the official gear. I wasn’t used to the feel of heavily padded bike shorts. Walking around in them, I felt as though I had a nappy on. Once on the bike, the awkward feel went away. I reflected that ducks walking on solid ground or seals flopping around on rocks would have had similar feelings about their especially-designed equipment.

I headed off on my own, leaving the kids back at the house with the eldest in charge (who negotiated payment in babysitting money before I left. She has unfortunately developed enjoyment in shopping for clothes and with that an appreciation for money). 

The quietude of farmland and coastal views sent me into ‘the zone’. I love the feeling of moving under my own steam and picking up speed down hills. I felt wonderful. Until I came to a particularly quiet stretch. I was enjoying the peace until a large van passed me. It reminded me of the movie ‘Jindabyne’. In the movie a man stalks and kills a young girl driving home by running her off the road with a van (that’s just the beginning of the movie, the rest is about the group of men fishing who find her body. Worth seeing if you haven’t already. Its quirky). I wish that I hadn’t had that association though. Because I suddenly felt rather vulnerable riding out there on my own. I got over it when I picked up a more frequented stretch for the rest of the ride. 

I arrived back to our place as the sun was setting. All the warmth had gone out of the day and I cooled down very quickly. A few minutes after hopping off the bike I could hardly walk. I had more pain than the usual pain of sitting on a bike seat for a long time. My kids had no sympathy. Sitting and standing were difficult manoeuvres, requiring large groans which my kids began to mimic. I’m happy to say that after taking off the new ‘Around the Bay’ bike shorts and warming up, the pain is somewhat relieved. However the ride today was only a quarter of the distance I need to be fit for!


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