Impromptu is all we can manage atm

August 23, 2008

Its Saturday night. I’ve been feeling disorganised. We are in the process of selling our old house. The additional effort of renovating it and getting it ready for sale seems to take its toll in the sense that we never seem to be able to plan ahead. The weekend comes around and I’m left wishing I’d invited people over, or organised something social to do. At the beginning of this weekend I felt as though I was staring into a social void.

However, on Friday afternoon I remembered to return a call I’d received during the week about catching up with friends (a couple and their three year old child) who had recently returned from a trip overseas. “Yes, we’d love to see you and it would be great if you could come over, but I’m not home yet and we’re not well organised”, I told my friend over the phone.

“Don’t worry about being organised, lets do take away”, she replied. And in this way, at five on Friday afternoon I arranged for these friends to come over at six. She rode her bike from work straight to our place and her husband arrived separately from home with their child.

I got home at five thirty, a bit tired. The thought of going out for take away didn’t appeal to me. After a quick stock take of the pantry and kitchen I decided to cook a chicken and zucchini risotto, which I managed to get onto the stove before they arrived. My children took their three year old under their wings, leaving us adults to a relaxing evening of catching up and planning ahead. From them we heard all about their recent paragliding adventures in Turkey and France and from us the story of our recent move and a tour of our new house was in order. Planning ahead involved setting dates for skiing.

Similarly, we had nothing organised for Saturday night (tonight). However, Emma (our eleven year-old) got onto the phone and invited her friends over for a movie night. I cooked sausage rolls for the kids with plenty left over for the hub and I. We put the fire on and as the parents of these girls arrived to pick up their daughters they joined us for a glass of wine by the fire. The last parent didn’t leave until after ten. In this way we enjoyed an impromptu social evening of chatting by the fire for hours. This turned out to be more fun than anything we could have planned.


2 Responses to “Impromptu is all we can manage atm”

  1. Sometimes spontaneous can be good, can’t it? You have to have spontaneous friends too though for it to work. When we lived in the UK, we used to vaguely start making plans for the weekend on a Friday afternoon, and were always baffled when our friends said they had plans made weeks before. The Brits always like to have a full diary. Surprisingly, we find our German friends far more ready to do things at the last minute.

  2. ejenne said

    Hi Charlotte, you are quite right! lol

    Your observations on cultural differences regarding spontaneity are very interesting.

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