Conversations in the Car 3: Spud-funky

August 8, 2008

I used the word ‘spunky’ in conversation with my two teenaged daughters yesterday. We were driving out to do some shopping after school.

“Ew, don’t use that word!”

“Yeah, that word must be banned!”

“What, ‘spunky’? What’s wrong with it?”

“Its sooo old fashioned. No one uses that word!”

“Yeah, and I hate it anyway. It reminds me of rotten potatoes”.

“What? How could it remind you of rotten potatoes?”

“Spuds! Reminds me of funky spuds”.

“Hehe funky spuds!”

I thought about funky spuds as an alternative expression to spunky then said, “Funky spuds doesn’t quite work, I could use ‘spud-funky’ as an alternative though”.

The eldest of the two was obviously on a similar wave length to me because after a couple of seconds contemplation, she concurred, “Spud-funky. Yeah, I like it. I’m going to use it! It will be my new word”.

“Yeah, me too!” agreed the younger one.

The two sisters discussed the likely spread of the term ‘spud-funky’ at their respective schools.

This morning in the car driving the eldest to school I asked, “Are you still on a mission to convert all your friends to using spud-funky?”

“Oh yeah!”

“I wonder if Rosie has remembered?”

“Hmm. I’ll text ‘spud-funky’ to Rosie in the middle of first class. She’ll look at the text and say ‘spud-funky’. Her friends will hear her and that will be the beginning!”, she plotted.

(What she doesn’t know is that last night at parent teacher interviews I gave her English teacher the ‘up’ on the expression). Mwahaha.

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4 Responses to “Conversations in the Car 3: Spud-funky”

  1. pip said

    Hello Electronic Jennie – I found you via your old blog at epossums!

    I used to like the word ‘spunky’ too, but I don’t really feel I can use it anymore now that ‘spunk’ has a more… adult meaning in my lexicon.

  2. JC said

    Just this morning I was told off by my 15 year old for saying ‘cool’ Apparently it’s not cool anymore to say ‘cool’ – you have to say ‘hip’. Trouble is he’s just as likely to be to be laughing to himself that he’s leading me totally up the garden path so to speak.

  3. ejenne said

    Hi pip,

    when I read your comment, I thought “golly, what could the adult meaning of ‘spunk’ be?” I was v surprised to find the answer to my question on wikipedia (point five). LOL.

  4. ejenne said

    Funny you should say this JC. Years ago when ‘cool’ came in (early 2000s) I felt uncomfortable using it. Since then I, like you, have become enculturated into its use. I now use it whenever I feel the urge. It wouldn’t surprise me that just as soon as parents become au fait with a word, the youth go about and adopt another in its place!

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