The Big Screen

July 27, 2008

Do you remember when home videos became popular? Was it in the late eighties? Everyone said, “Oh that spells the end of cinema”.

Now everyone is creating home cinema experiences with purposefully made recliner chairs, blue ray DVDs (not sure what these are, but my kids are up to date with it), surround sound (not that surround sound is new – my boyfriend in the late eighties had it. He was so proud after he’d installed it. Is this a guy thing? Personally I don’t mind if the sound of an approaching train emanates from the telly. For my enjoyment it does not have to appear to be coming from behind me to the right), projectors mounted from the ceiling and large screens on the wall. We’ve got one of these in our new house too – the home cinema room. Our four-seater recliner (in red) is yet to be delivered.

Even so, the kids don’t want to wait until the new releases hit DVD. They’re off to the cinema as often as ever. During the school holidays Prince Caspian, Kung Fu Panda, and Get Smart drew them to the box office. For the children, I believe their motivation for going to the cinema is to be up with the conversations rather than the desire to get out into society. For me, its all about getting out. Sitting at home with surround sound and blue ray will never replace meeting a friend in the foyer, squeezing in a drink or dinner before hand, filing in after purchasing a choc top to watch a movie on the big screen and chatting about it later (not to mention the people-watching opportunities), and you never know who you might bump into when you’re out.


3 Responses to “The Big Screen”

  1. JC said

    I agree totally – I love to go out to the movies! I so rarely have time to go these days I really enjoy it when the opportunity arises. I went with the kids to see Get Smart on the hols – it was fun to see as I used to love the show as a kid.
    Although I have great intentions of hiring DVDs to watch at home it just never seems to happen. Even a few that I’ve been given just gather dust – in fact I think I should roster some time for myself to watch one soon!

  2. ejenne said

    I enjoyed Get Smart too. I liked the way they developed 99’s character until at the end she was the 99 we all know. When she said “oh Max” at the end it made sense even in these modern times!

    Lets do a girls DVD night. I have Pride and Prejudice!

  3. ejenne said

    ps. isn’t Rock a knock-out!

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