Fruits of our labour

July 22, 2008

We have moved house. For eighteen months we have been building an environmentally friendly home. It has two twenty thousand litre water tanks buried underground (in Australia we are in drought). We have enough solar panels to be either electrically neutral or contribute to the grid. Our house design was audited by Going Solar before construction to ensure we had incorporated energy saving technology and know-how. We have LED down lights and other energy saving globes throughout and the house design is solar passive. In other words we have double glazed windows everywhere, and the house is orientated to the north with large eaves to allow winter sun in to warm our travertine-covered concrete slab but to block out the sun’s direct rays in summer.

But the thing I’m appreciating most is the new kitchen. My daughters love it too, all four of them. The most dramatic appreciation has been shown by Emma. She has developed an interest in cooking since we have moved. She has been riding her bike down to the shops to pick up packet cake mixes. She whips these up independently or with her friends. Twice she has made biscuits by herself from scratch (asking for help at strategic moments only). Its only a matter of time before she’ll be able to make family meals. I have a plan to teach her something simple (like tacos) to begin with. I think its worth harnessing this newly developed enjoyment of working in the kitchen. The best bit about it is: the kitchen is big enough for both of us to be working at the same time, with enough room for Sally to be doing her homework on the bench!


4 Responses to “Fruits of our labour”

  1. Catie said

    Good for you! That’s very exciting.

  2. JC said

    It’s so great when the kids show an interest in cooking. C often helps me cook dinner, chops veges or stirs the pot.
    And I love that I can now get one of the older kids to finish off the cooking and serve up if I’ve had to go out to pick up from basketball or wherever.
    Middle child has just started home economics this semester and so we’re expecting yummy things from him. He already does the best BBQ ever!
    The house looks fantastic – love the huge bench space.

  3. ejenne said

    Hi Catie, yes the new home is exciting. The spaces are open, and natural light floods in. The entertaining area is wonderful (there’s an outdoor pizza oven by the pool!).

  4. ejenne said

    Hi JC. I’m glad you like the bench. I am imagining a ravioli-making production line on it one day. (Promised myself a pasta maker after we moved).

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