It has begun

December 7, 2007

My eldest daughter has started “borrowing” my clothes. She was getting ready to go to a birthday party and came into my study wearing denim shorts, a loose white shirt with embroidery around the neckline and a chunky brown leather low-waist belt.

‘Hey Mum, can I borrow this shirt?’

I turned around to see that she was wearing one of my favorite shirts – one that I wear fairly often. I hesitated in my reply as I took in the image of my daughter in my shirt. It looked great on her. My mother’s eye detected that the shoulder width was perfect. I was amazed. Had I bought the shirt for her, I would have bought it in that size. All of a sudden she has become the right shape and size to fit into my clothes! When did my daughter grow into a woman?

I could not object to her wearing my shirt on the grounds that it didn’t fit. I imagined my favorite shirt getting party food spilt on it or getting ripped accidentally while she was mucking around, but decided not to voice these concerns.

She looked radiant and excited. Bright eyed she waited expectantly for my reply. I felt a tingling of sisterhood as I processed the fact that she had chosen something to wear from my wardrobe. White is a really good colour for her.

‘It fits you! Um. Yeah, sure! You can borrow it’.


‘And that’s my belt too I think’, I added.

‘Oh yeah? Is it? Its been in my room so long now that I forgot whose it was’.

‘Oh well, I don’t wear it any more. You can have it’.



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